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When Do The Video Courses Take Place?

Whenever you want!

All "The Inner Power Circle" audio and video training courses are always online, ready for you to enjoy.

You can access them (and the other resources too) with a computer, a tablet, a smartphone... wherever you are: when and how you prefer.

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Do You Offer A Guarantee?

Our "money-back guarantee" lasts 60 days
and is certified by the authoritative, trusted world retailer "ClickBank".

When you join "The Inner Power Circle" and become a Member, you will have unlimited access to all the resources.

You can immediately read all the books and watch all the video courses with confidence.

As you can see, you have nothing to lose.
You will only gain from it.

The reason why we can offer this kind of guarantee is because we know how people can benefit from these special, practical resources and what they will do for you.

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Do You Offer Assistance?


When you join "The Inner Power Circle" and become a Member, you have access to a special "Customer Service Team" of friendly and experienced operators.

They are available to answer your questions for technical and administrative assistance, via email at:
This is the fastest way to contact them.

You can also open a "Ticket" through the "ClickBank" system, clicking on the link reserved only for you (that you find on your receipt).

We are happy to help!

How Long Does It Take To Access "The Inner Power Circle"?

Access is immediate!

As soon as you join "The Inner Power Circle" and become a Member, you will receive a personal password via email.

With that, you have immediate, unlimited access to all the resources. 
You can start watching videos, reading books and reports, listening to audios and the whole courses... right away.

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What is the difference between “Books” and “Reports”?

“Books” are longer than “Reports” and more in-depth.

“Reports” give you a rapid overview of the subject and can be especially useful when you haven’t got much time and want to get the “juice” of the matter, in a few minutes. 

“Reports” are also quite handy when you need to come up quickly with content for a presentation or a comprehensive talk.

For How long Can I Have Access To All The Resources?

You can have immediate, unlimited access to all the books, reports and audio-video courses by becoming a Member of "The Inner Power Circle".

After an introductory week, you can decide to stop or continue to be a Member for as short or as long as you like.

It is a simple monthly subscription and you can cancel it whenever you want or continue to enjoy it.

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